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Thanks to medical illustrator Emily Evans I can now integrate two of my most favorite passions: hist-ology and pie-ology.

See more of Emily’s beautiful work here

Oh and while you are at it check out her other site Anatomy UK

Anatomy UK is a site run by Emily to reflect anatomical creativity both in the UK and worldwide. The new exciting creative ideas emerging that have been inspired by anatomy are continually pushing the boundaries of how we perceive it…. it’s no longer just for the academics.

I emphasized that last part. Spread the word. Histology is growing. Heart it.

I want this set soo fucking bad


psych-opsyche my own photo when I went here

Stfrontdoor! Are you still in San Diego?! You, Janet, and I should go !!!




You never know if someone needs this. Reblog this, even if its not your ‘blog type’. Just do it.

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i sat here and thought about reblogging this or not but then i realized how many people feel suicidal, and i  have too its not dan and phil but i could honestly care less, bc i rather have someone not die then make sure i strictly stay to my ‘blog type’ 

"If flowers can
teach themselves
how to bloom after
winter passes,
so can you."

- (via northwestsong)

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so despo for summer road trips


Erin Hanson

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Piece goals